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Here is our current, local team who is gladly serving you. 

Board of Directors

  • Amy J. Hughes
  • Dell Hughes Murdock
  • Susan K. Hughes
  • John J. (JJ) Hughes-Chairman.
  • Robert E. Guilford
  • H. J. (Jack) Hughes
  • Debbie G. Hamner
  • William A. (Butch) Hughes

Executive Officers

  • Robert E. Guilford
  • H.J. (Jack) Hughes
  • John J. (JJ) Hughes

Bank Contacts

H.J. (Jack) Hughes

Robert Guilford

Dell Murdock

Jeff Sorrells
Loan Officer

Michael Clardy
Slocomb Market President
Loan Officer

Jessi Thomas
Slocomb Market Vice President
Loan Officer

Eli Dixon
Loan Officer

Marcia Solomon
Human Resources Officer

Kerri Sullivan
Head Teller

Ashley Wilks
Compliance Officer

Mike Kinman
Information Technology Officer

Rhoda Kirkland
Bookkeeping/Deposit Operations

Susan Hughes
CD/IRA Officer

David Bailey
Enterprise Market President
Loan Officer

Since 1905

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